Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's call a spade a spade

First and foremost, Queen did this long ago, and they did it better and with more class.

At the end of the day, fat chicks are like mopeds. They're fun to ride only until your friends see you. Judging from the comments, a bunch of chubbies find this twink's song empowering. A little bit of wiki research leads me to suspect the guy's full of shit, though: "Although his 'camp' performances have led to speculation that he might be gay, Mika keeps his sexuality private. In response to media speculation he has been quoted as saying, 'I never talk about anything to do with my sexuality. I just don't think I need to. People ask me all the time. But I just don't see the point.'"

I guarantee this guy putts from the rough. One of the youtube comments summarized it and cracked me up: "I like the song but when it comes down to it Mika wouldn't f**k one." I like to call that veritas.

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