Thursday, July 26, 2007

A true velvet hammer

The drink count last night was as follows: a glass of Crown Royal (rocks) before dinner; split a bottle of wine with a lady friend over a steak, and then we went to the Pub right after that for a nightcap. Neither of us was as drunk as we wanted to be, so we explained our predicament to the waitress. She came back with a pint of Strongbow cider for each of us, along with a shot of Grey Goose's pear flavored vodka. She instructed us to drop the shot into the cider (like a Sake bomber). Well, the resulting concoction tasted like an apple jolly rancher, and went down as smooth as you can imagine. We had two each within a half hour. Let me tell you, the result was pretty spectacular. My house this morning was disheveled as only a drunk can dishevel, but the memories of the evening after my second cigarette at the pub are so tangled, I can't really piece it together well.

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Unconscious said...

You confided your dilemma to the waitress, nicely done