Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Funny e-mail of the day

From a guy that we met at a mutual friend's happy hour a few weeks back that we ran into at the Pub on Friday night:

Hey dude,

I don't remember precisely how things went down Friday, as I was a real mess by the time I saw you and Frankie, but it was good to see you guys.

I had some drink called a Kentucky sidecar early in the night, and I'm never having another drink that sounds like it belongs in a sex-position email forward again. It's like playing cards with somebody with the first name of a city. Bad idea. I think I actually cried on Saturday morning I was so hung-over. anyway, good to see you guys again.

Never having heard of this particular cocktail, I Googled it, and here share my findings with you, dear readers: the Kentucky Sidecar is made with bourbon, Cointreau, sweet & sour, and a sugared rim, with a twist. Some recipes seem to substitute Frangelico for Cointreau, which is weird since oranges don't taste remotely like hazelnuts. Either way, I don't believe in diluting a good bourbon with crap like lemonade, so I'll avoid the cocktail altogether and give this post a rest.


Kewljen said...

All the sweet crap is probably what made him the sickest. I am a beer girl, but I do know from the old days when I drank everything, the sweeter a drink the crappier you feel the next day - UGH!

Jack Gordon said...

I think you're totally right, Kewl. My worst hangover in recent memory came from a night of frozen mai-tai drinking at a party with a mai-tai machine. I should have known better, but I appreciated the effort the hostess had made, renting a mai-tai machine and all!