Monday, May 19, 2008

Bring on the Dancing Horses

To quote the Mad Shoeshiner: "You buy an electric toothbrush and then you have to buy a house that has electricity" . . . I was out shopping on Saturday, and I found a smoking deal on a Ralph Lauren tuxedo shirt. It was so good that I couldn't afford not to buy it, so I did. Interesting thing is that I've never owned a tuxedo. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and I'm tired of wearing somebody else's clothes (i.e. renting) when it comes to hitting the black-tie events. Hell, I've passed on more than my fair share of black-tie events because I didn't want to go through the hassle of renting a stupid tux. So today, I called up the tailor and placed an order for a tuxedo of my own. I went as classic as I could . . . shawl collar, one button (pictured above). You really don't see the shawl collar anymore . . . and the notched collar kind of annoys me on a tux, since I think a tux should have a little more flair than my typical suit. Of course, now I'm going to have to buy a cummerbund, and a tie, and the right shoes, and a set of studs . . . etc. But in the long run, I think of the tux as an investment. In two or three wearings, I'll have made up the capital outlay, due to not having to rent.


Anonymous said...


You hurt my feelings with your harsh words. I expected a much more witty retort, especially after announcing the purchase of a bespoke tux.

Nonetheless, I provide the following observations: Your fascination with Hemingway, along with the 8 items listed, leads me to believe that you actively foster dichotomies, i.e. Longines watch vs. rubber comb; reds (a cigarette for the masses) vs. a gold zippo. The zippo itself signals a man of patience, but with a muted flare for the dramatic. You do enjoy flicking it out, don't you?

You likely use old school products, perhaps Bay Rum or Three Roses.

Just in case you need a little bit more - 35.67 105.95.


Jack Gordon said...

Hey, Jame Gumb, its evident you've spent a bit of time on the blog, and your insight is somewhat right, though not particularly impressive. And, I do use old school products, but neither Bay Rum nor "three roses" whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gordon, Did you spill all your flava beans and chianti when you first watched that particular scene? Did it excite you?

Jack Gordon said...

It definitely had an impact, Tek. Check my entry for February 6, 2008.

bonnie said...

What? You got a new fan? I like the tux on you...wish I could see your head. Is that a catheter?

Andi said...

I don't suppose you'll be posting any pics of you in the tux?

Jamm-o-rama said...

yeah, I want to see a pic too. :)