Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the things I carry

Seems like a couple of folks caught this when I first posted it on Sunday. I initially pulled it because I figured I'd break it down into eight separate entries. I think I'll still do that, but if the comments from the last post confused you, check the photo below, and stay tuned for the separate installments for a monologue on each.
* * *
Sunday, May 11
So I got my hair cut today. I can't stand the feeling immediately following a haircut, and always try to take a shower as soon as possible after visiting the barber. When I got home, I figured it would be a good day to wash my jeans as well. I emptied my pockets onto my bed, and realized that as a still-life, it sort of said a lot about me, so I took the following picture:

A quick summary of the things I carry on any given Sunday, starting clockwise from the wallet:

  1. Wallet, with enough ducat to make it happen
  2. Handkerchief, and an Ace hard rubber comb
  3. Victorinox classic pocket knife
  4. Marlboro reds and Zippo lighter
  5. Cell phone
  6. Smith & Wesson 442 revolver
  7. Wristwatch (today, a Longines Dolce Vita)
  8. Car keys and house keys


Jamm-o-rama said...

Damn! That's a lot of shit to carry. I carry a lot of crap too but I am a girl. So, you know I am curious about the gun. It can't just be the barber's in a bad neighborhood. The watch looks nice. Is that a good name brand? I should probably know but I suck when it comes to fashion and such.

Jack Gordon said...

Jamm-o-rama, you need to wait for the follow-ups. Longines is a pretty good brand; I'm a watch guy and have several different ones, different brands and styles. And spread across four pockets, it's not that bad. (note the watch and gun don't go in pockets)

Jamm-o-rama said...

I definitely look forward to the follow-ups. Maybe it just looks like more when it's all in one place. Good to know about the watch. I feel so out of the loop when it comes to that stuff. I hear girls at the office talking about all this fancy stuff and I'm like duh. Not that I can afford it but it's nice to know.

Andi said...

I'm dying to hear the story behind the gun. You've always struck me as more of a lover, not a fighter, Jack.

Jack Gordon said...

That's the way I think of myself, Andi!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gordon,

My attempts for a witty conversation have landed on deaf ears. So allow me to escalate my little game a bit further. With these 7 items, I can state your current occupation, correctly guess the location of your birth within 100 square miles or identify the type of car you drive. Which would you prefer?


Jack Gordon said...

Personally, I'd prefer you keep your creepy comments to yourself. . .

bonnie said...

Oh, the gun is making me hot. I want one. Where exactly do you carry it?

Jack Gordon said...

Wow, Bon . . . small-of-back, over the right kidney.