Sunday, September 9, 2007

Razorblade ramblings

In my life I've had five regular barbers. I once heard that the average guy has had fewer barbers in his life than he has had girlfriends. I suspect somebody just made that up, and I don't care enough to research it, but at least in my case I know it to be true. My current barber is an angry Russian Jew. One plus to having a Jewish barber is that the guy's open on Sundays, which is great because it's most convenient for me. As an aside, I don't trust barbers trained in America. Only one of my regular barbers -- my first -- has been American born, and I wore a ball cap for much of that era. By and large, I don't want an American with a straight razor anywhere near my throat.

Today, I opted for a hot-towel shave in addition to my typical haircut. I do that about twice a year or so. It's expensive and time consuming, but when done right, it's one of the most relaxing and fulfilling things a man can do for himself.

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