Thursday, September 27, 2007

Faith versus Reason

As of late, I’ve been thinking about something that Meno e-mailed me a while back. It was after I complained to him about things that the ex did that drove me crazy, and yet, I couldn’t bring myself to cut her loose. He said:

In love, we are afraid to be rational. For when we are rational, we lie in the tumultuous domain of logic. And logic is a terrible thing, for if we were logical with our love, at one time or another, we would most certainly walk away.

It was only via rational thought that I was able to make it through the break-up, but in the end, sometimes I feel like a lesser person for having put my faith in reason.


Jamm-o-rama said...

Worse even still, is when you spend many months or longer considering letting them go(I too have a hard time breaking up with someone) and.... bam! They beat you to the punch. Though you realize it was probably the best decision for both it is hard on the ego.

Jack Gordon said...

So true, Jamm . . . . and sadly, only time can help, but that's cold comfort in the present.

Unconscious said...

The last real person I felt the loss of, was devastating, and almost made me feel like living wasn't worth the effort. And thats a far cry from my normal self, as I like me, I love being me, and with my sisters I have all the fun in the world. Break ups can be more than difficult, but always in the end, the struggle reminds you of your own strength.