Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't shit where you eat.

Frankie has been trying to avoid his waitress for going on three weeks now. Mainly because she's insane. From what he tells me, and what I’ve observed, she’s incapable of getting the hint. Problem is that this makes going to the Pub awkward for me. Damned inconsiderate of him, if you ask me. Especially since I really liked the Pub. He never really did.

I went to Vegas with a cocktail waitress (from a whole different bar) on a whim back in 2004. It wasn’t until I was on the plane sitting next to her that I noticed the scars on her wrists. When she saw me do the double-take, she told me it was from the “last time she slashed her wrists.” The “last time” implication wasn’t lost on me. She clarified that it wasn’t the first time. When we were in our room at the MGM, before we went out on the town, as she took a bottle of ephedrine out and popped a handful before offering me some, I decided to heed Kris Kristofferson's advice: Never sleep with a woman who's crazier than you are. He also said “you’ll break that rule and regret it.” And that’s true, and I have, but I didn’t do so on that trip, and I was able to drink contently at that particular bar for two years thereafter.

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Anonymous said...

frankster should just tell her he's realized he's gay... or suggest a menage. he isn't returning to that bar anyway. if people every confront him about it, it will be a funny story of how he tried to get him off his back... literally and figuratively. besides, is it in vogue nowadays to be gay or something? he'll get more girls too.

-cue in Buckcherry's "Crazy bitch"