Friday, January 25, 2008

Head to Head

I’m about as excited about the candidates in the 2008 presidential race as I would be about the prospect of watching one wrestler. I’ve never picked a winner in the primaries (Wes Clark in 2004, baby . . . and I think I can say with statistical certainty that Ron Paul isn’t getting the nomination in 2008), and I’ve never voted for a winner in the general presidential election (Nader, Gore, Kerry). Regardless, what’s turning out to be entertaining is the Hillary/Obama smack-down that’s going on right now. I feel really bad for Obama in this fight, since he’s outnumbered and outgunned against the Clintons. For an interesting take on it, check out this commentary from Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal.

Here’s an apocryphal story that parallels the Clinton strategy against Obama: In 1948, Lyndon B. Johnson was running for the U.S. Senate against former Texas governor Coke Stevenson, and it was a very tight race. Johnson was conferring with his people, and he said: “I know, we’ll say ‘Coke Stevenson fucks his sow.’” One of Johnson’s advisers said, “Lyndon, we can’t call Coke Stevenson a pig fucker, you know that’s not true.” Johnson replied, “I know, but we’ll let him deny it!”


bonnie said...

I'd love to say SOMETHING but all that comes to mind is. . .politics suck(s).

Anonymous said...

No one denies he was a crass man. Sometimes it takes a hard ass to get the job done. I really don't trust a constituency who is easily swayed by tears. (I hate Hillary, btw.)

Jack Gordon said...

It's going to be a very sad race. I really don't like ANY of the frontrunners, but I think Hillary is the worst of them all. See my Cthulu 2008 campaign sticker?