Friday, January 4, 2008

True Magi . . .

I think I’ve mentioned that I have a goddaughter before. She’s great. Her folks called me and told me that I had a couple of presents under their Christmas tree that I had to pick up, so I stopped by their place on December 28th. Indeed, there were two gifts for “nino Jack.” I opened the first one, and it was a very pretty cut-glass decanter – very pretty. Every house needs a decanter and I didn’t have one and didn’t really plan on buying one, so it was a great gift. The second gift, however, made me giddy as a school boy, and I just couldn’t shut up about how great a gift it was: a beef and cheese gift box, with two sausages, two bricks of cheese, and a cheese ball in the middle. It was definitely among the best, most thoughtful gifts anybody gave me this Christmas. I must have mentioned that at least three times. I saw Ray and his wife stifling a laugh. I asked what was so funny? Turns out they re-gifted the gift box to me. A great-aunt had given it to them for Christmas and they didn’t want it, and due to my bachelor godfather status, they figured I might like it. What they could never have anticipated is how much I liked it, or that I’d like it more than my “real” gift.

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