Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Watching every move on her face

All Right Now,” by Free just played on my iPod. That song reminds me of San Diego in July of 2006. I was waiting for Keri to pick me up outside of the Embassy Suites on 601 Pacific Highway in the early afternoon. She drove up in a rented red Mustang convertible with the top down, and that song was playing on the radio, and she was wearing sunglasses and a hat and a smile. It was a perfect moment . . . the kind of moment you see in movies and doubt ever happens in real life. Moments like that, and the hope for moments like that, make life worth living.


bonnie said...

You must have felt like a movie star. How glamorous.

Jamm-o-rama said...

That's great. I love how a song can bring you back. I love too, when I hear a song from back when and I feel so different with it now than I did then, but I still remember the exact feeling from long ago. My heart is filled.