Thursday, August 2, 2007

"There is no failure, only feedback."

That's what I've learned from the "being single" game. I was reading a bit on neuro-linguistic programming earlier. I can't say that I exactly buy into it, but I have discovered a few of the basic principles on my own, which anecdotally seem to support a bunch of the NLP babble. From the article:

NLP does not view communication in terms of success and failure. Rather it sees in terms of competence or lack thereof, or learning and failure to learn. As a field which utilizes trial and error, not all actions are expected to "work", rather they are intended to explore, and the results should be utilized as a source of valuable learning and new focus, rather than cause for negativity and despair. Do not dwell unnecessarily on the failure, instead explore what you have learned for the next time.

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