Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This morning's playlist

So far:

1. Midnight Rambler -- Allman Brothers
2. Heat of the Moment -- Asia
3. Southern Cross -- CS&N
4. Our lips are sealed -- Fun Boy Three and the Specials
5. When will I be loved? -- Linda Ronstadt
6. Kiss me Deadly -- Lita Ford
7. Mad World -- Tears for Fears
8. Memo from Turner -- Rolling Stones

I need a clever name for that list so that I could save it for Wednesday mornings such as this one.


Unconscious said...

Mad World -- Tears for Fears HELL YEAH... I dig that one

Unconscious said...

Oh yeah the name of this list...Hump List

Jack Gordon said...

Any suggestions to the List, unconscious??

Unconscious said...

I will do a post on song suggestions, I have my mac up here with the whole of my will see it on mine shortly.

Kewljen said...

I love Lita Ford!!