Monday, August 13, 2007


I get on the elevator this morning, and a stunningly attractive blonde gets in as the doors close. I'm going to the 9th floor; she's going to the 4th, and she's starting her morning off with a Cherry Coke. Faced with the "captive audience" that I crave so much when I make these pitches, my mind starts spinning as to what I can say, if anything. Call me optimistic, but I happen to think that given the right introduction, I can get digits here: so, I ask myself, "What would James Bond do?" Because that son of a bitch would never fuck this opportunity up. But alas, I'm not James Bond. So I say "Ahhh, Monday." And she nods. And says "have a good one" as she exits the elevator. Sometimes I feel retarded. And so, I say again . . . ahhh, Monday.


Unconscious said...

Yeah, ... I don't know so much that I would have gone with the comment about Monday, cause not only do people hate being reminded its Monday, but if they hate their job like I hate mine...then its double wammy. Then all they can think about it bad hateful things, and and only wish they could possibly understand. I wish I knew WWJBD?

Jamm-o-rama said...

If you work in the same building you are bound to run into her again. Sometimes just a simple nod, hello and smile works out better than saying anything at first. But be sure to always look eye Daniel son, just not for too long or it's creepy. Note the reaction you get to that. If she is responsive you may feel less retartded and uneasy and the words will usually come from that. Sorry for the cheese! I just happen to be a cheese extraordinaire!